Natasha / Sending Out a Message

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Artist Name: Natasha
Label: Natasha Pinto Music
Product Code:NPM0001

Natasha, a genuine talent who is leading the Australian neo-soul scene, has arrived in Japan with her overwhelming ability that amazed Boyz 2 Men when they performed together!

Natasha, who is from Perth, Australia, is an R&B singer who reigns in Australia's top scene. Her musical style is at the forefront of Australia's neo-soul movement, blending classic 60s soul to today's R&B styles. His ability has reached beyond borders, and he has been praised by celebrities such as BoyzIIMen, K-Ci and JoJo, Montell Jordan, Joe, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and Chris Brown, and has participated in tours. And from the comments, it doesn't take long to realize that Natasha is a special singer. BoyzIIMen's Shawn Stockman said this during their last Australian tour. "I've only done duets with two people in my life. One was Mariah Carey. And the other was Natasha." Even on Youtube, she praises her work and receives comments that make her feel like she's part of the family. Natasha is a special artist that Australia has been waiting for. ``Sending Out a Message'' features Electric Empire, a hugely popular band from Japan and London. It may seem like a small number of songs, with only 5 songs, but once you listen to it, you'll feel the depth of the songs, which are an exquisite blend of neo-soul and R&B. This is an irresistible work for people who are attracted to Erykah Badu, Sade, Brandy, and Jill Scott.


  1. Light On (03:17)
  2. Higher (03:17)
  3. Sending Out a Message (04:23)
  4. Get It Together (03:36)
  5. World Our Own (05:03)