Ms.Sounday / My Little Joys

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Artist Name: Ms.Sounday
Product Code:SSRi-0043

A diamond in the rough that shines a light on the R&B and neo-soul scene! The finest Russian R&B/Neo-Soul created by a warm and soft silky voice!

A diamond in the rough that shines a light on the neo-soul scene has appeared from far northern Russia! The name of the new generation neo-soul diva, reminiscent of the impact brought by the emergence of Jill Scott and Alicia Keys in the past, is Ms.Sounday. With a cute smile that draws you in, a catchy melody with a soft and silky singing voice, and a sound that feels as warm as the sun, she has gained tremendous support from Russian neo-soul fans as soon as she debuted at just 21 years old. It's a singer. Her debut album ``My Little Joys,'' which is said to have been influenced by Ledisi, Brian McKnight, Frank McComb, and Kirk Franklin, is a collection of tracks that absorb and sublimate the high-quality music of the past, adding stems and rhythms unique to the Russian language. The finest Russian R&B/Neo-Soul that creates a unique groove. “Schaste Ne Jdet” (#2) is a mellow song with an exquisitely laid-back beat, accented by refreshing keyboards and funky wah guitar. Zdravstvuy Den (#3) is a stylish number that combines jazzy hip-hop elements like Hocus Pocus with exhilarating R&B. And in "Sunny Day" (#6), which is full of sadness, the lo-fi piano sound and her pale singing voice make your heart clench. Ms.Sounday opens a new era from the far north with a top-quality album that you must listen to!


  1. Sounday (Intro) (02:19)
  2. Happiness Isn't Waiting (03:36)
  3. Hello, Day feat. Cheсk (Здравствуй, День) (04:08)
  4. Let's Play Music (02:31)
  5. My Little Joys (02:54)
  6. Sunny Day (03:30)
  7. City (Город) (03:54)
  8. On An Inhale (03:18)
  9. Whisper of the Eyelashes (03:17)
  10. Tryinna Get the Sense (03:15)
  11. Listen to the Snow for Hours (Outro) (02:00)
  12. Cramped Sounds (Звукам тесно) [Japan Bonus Tracks] (03:30)
  13. New Light [Japan Bonus Tracks] (03:06)