Nik West / Just In The Nik Of Time

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Artist Name: Nik West
Product Code:SSRi-0056

Co-starring with Prince! A must-listen for all Rock, Funk, and Neo Soul fans, featuring a husky voice and a thick bass!

Nik West is a very popular bassist with a soulful and funky thick bass that would put even the Brothers Johnson to shame, a husky voice reminiscent of neo-soul divas such as Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, and a look that has also been used as a model. (Nick West). One of the most popular women of our time, Bootsy Collins, one of the funk legends, said, ``Nik brought the funk groove back to life. I love her expressions!'' and even serves as a guest lecturer for his bass courses. He's a bassist. ``Just In The Nik Of Time'', which perfectly combines her rich funk bass with smooth R&B and neo-soul, creates a unique worldview. And the live recordings of three songs, including "Forbidden Fruit", which has an addictive sticky funky bass just like Larry Graham, are a must-listen for fans of rock, funk, neo-soul, and R&B!


  1. Wait A Minute (2:29)
  2. Forbidden Fruit (5:16)
  3. Do What You Gotta Do (4:17)
  4. Who's In the Mirror (3:51)
  5. Eyes Closed (2:44)
  6. Just In The Nik Of Time (1:14)
  7. Written All Over Me (4:15)
  8. Black Beauty (4:21)
  9. Be Okay (4:09)
  10. Never Forget To Love (Spoken Word) (3:42)
  11. Black Beauty (Live) [Japan Bonus Tracks] (05:40)
  12. Forbidden Fruit (Live) [Japan Bonus Tracks] (04:56)
  13. Superwoman Mastered (Live) [Japan Bonus Tracks] (03:23)