Nao Yoshioka / Undeniable (regular edition)


Co-produced with cutting-edge artists/producers such as Amber Navran (Moonchild) and MXXWLL
Latest work that marks a new frontier for LA's talented singer-songwriter

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The soul and the word “SOUL” dancing on various media. How much of that SOUL is real? I feel that a work whose sole purpose is commercial success cannot be called SOUL; rather, it is synonymous with selling one's soul.

We believe that true SOUL represents the spirituality hidden in the roots of human beings, which is based on strong will and love, and how seriously we face the world and live our lives. It is not easy to express the reality in words, but when it is conveyed, it continues to resonate deep in the heart and can create an almost eternal impression. Among the many ways to express our SOUL, we are people who are moved and motivated by one tool that connects our hearts: music. From my experience of experiencing emotion and excitement through music, meeting people, and learning many things, I understand that SOUL music is an expression of strong human emotions such as will and love.

We, SWEET SOUL RECORDS, are a group that appeals to the world the original charm of music with a world-class perspective and solid skills.

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