MoonChild / Be Free

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Artist Name:Moonchild
Product Code:MCR0001

A neo-soul trio with the deliciousness of the 90s! Cutting edge sound like Erykah Badu + RH factor

The debut album by Moonchild, a trio born at the University of Southern California, is an album that overflows with the charm of their unique sound and their personalities! What kind of "neo-soul" is being created by young people who say, " I can't stop admiring John Coltrane" ? When I listened to the sound source with such expectations in mind, I felt the influence of the jazz sounds and approaches of the latter half of the 20th century in the light, swing-like rhythms of the songs, which reminded me of the brightness of a starry sky. However, the amazing talent of these young guys is more than just a "jazzy song." Making full use of the choice of keyboard sounds, bass lines, and rhythms that are influenced by hip-hop, the way they brilliantly transform a jazz approach into neo-soul is almost like the impact of RH Factor's first album. Their music is even more experimental than so-called neo-soul, and it would be better to describe their innovative sound as an homage to Erykah Badu and D'Angelo, who they say have influenced them. The second song, “Be Free,” maintains an overall retro feel, but also gives off a sense of “coolness” that transcends genre and time. This sound source created by young talents is expected to breathe new life into the neo-soul world!


  1. Misinterpretations (00:45)
  2. Be Free (02:49)
  3. Back to Me (03:43)
  4. Gone (feat. Harry Mack) (04:33)
  5. Throwback (feat. John Daversa) (04:47)
  6. Ocean Deep (05:17)
  7. Out Of My Mind (feat. Ben Wendel and Ben Rose) (04:00)
  8. The Things You Do (feat. Russell Ferrante) (04:43)
  9. Turn It Up! (feat. Harry Mack) (04:09)
  10. Mmm (the Heaven) (04:39)
  11. What Shall We Do (03:07)