Lisa Taylor / Let Love Shine

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Artist Name: Lisa Taylor
Label: Lisa Taylor Music
Product Code:5638076433

A work by a real singer who is rapidly gaining attention and who embodies his love for music, delivering the true "joy of music"!

Lisa Taylor is a singer full of soul. Her parents loved all genres of music, including Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, Billie Holiday, and Ella Fitzgerald. She grew up on the island of Hawaii, where she was exposed to theater music, and naturally developed a love for music. My girlfriend. After starting her performance career at the age of 10, she gradually began to earn a living as a vocalist in her hometown, and within a few years, she started receiving offers from musicians in the mainland United States. After moving to Santa Cruz, they quickly made a name for themselves on the Central Coast and Bay Area, and have also performed live in Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. Her second album ``Let Love Shine'' is a remarkable work that has made a big step up overall. The music she creates has the elegance of R&B's layered backing vocals, the jazzy Rhodes piano and thick bass beat, and the deep flavor of blues, all of which can be felt while never becoming sloppy and maintaining elegance. I feel a strong sense of ability. This is Lisa Taylor's work that expresses her love for music, and is a must-see work that will make listeners feel the joy of music again!


  1. Funny Feeling (03:35)
  2. Chance On Love (03:29)
  3. Let Love Shine (04:28)
  4. Share Your World (04:04)
  5. Just Us Tonight (03:24)
  6. Love the Taste (03:04)
  7. A Man Like You (04:20)
  8. Shy Gurl (02:43)
  9. Used to Be the One (03:32)
  10. 10,000 Miles Away (03:40)
  11. The Call (04:38)
  12. The Restaurant (02:57)
  13. Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya (03:06)
  14. Wake Up to You (03:23)