Leisure Center / Mind Full

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Artist Name:Leisure Center
Product Code:SSRi-0152

Following Hiatus Kaiyote, Melbourne's new R&B band creates a lo-fi x hi-fi masterpiece.

Leisure Center is a new R&B band that has emerged from Melbourne, where Hiatus Kaiyote was born. ``Mind Full'' is their debut album, which has become a hot topic for their unique lo-fi and hi-fi musicality, which they created using iPhone 4's Garageband and used a unique method to create prototypes for all their songs and layer the band's sounds. From the title track “Mind Full” with its minimalist beats to the dance number “Sucka” with a 90s feel, the band's signature sound of 808 kick drum, layered synthesizers, wavering beats, and tight vocal harmonies. You can enjoy the band's variety of experimental elements, such as , and even a new jack swing feel. Leisure Center brings back the sense of scale that Hiatus Kaiyote had when it first came out. This is a masterpiece that will have a shine that will not fade over time, and will raise expectations for the music they will create in the future.


  1. You Don't Want to Be with Me
  2. Don't Let Go (with Bec Rigby)
  3. Those Days
  4. Something Better
  5. Sucka
  6. Solace
  7. Getting to Know
  8. Mind Full
  9. Holding Out
  10. All I Long For
  11. Can't Be Found
  12. One Plus One [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  13. Under Your Nose [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  14. Indecisive [Japan Bonus Tracks]