Liz Vice / There's A Light

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Artist Name:Liz Vice
Product Code:SSRi-0108

The hottest diva who charms you with good old soul rooted in gospel! Pay attention to the powerful message and bold, passionate singing voice

Liz Vice is an artist from Portland, Oregon who is gaining popularity for her soulful singing voice and powerful lyrics that make you feel a certain amount of heat. In her debut work, "There's A Light," Liz vividly expresses her unique poetic worldview with her charming raspy voice that has a unique texture that could be compared to that of a blues singer. I'll show you. Sometimes passionately, like Adele or Mavis Staples, sometimes softly, like Norah Jones, she confesses her feelings to us, the listeners, and God. The small backing band that perfectly accompanies her bold singing voice, and the tight arrangements throughout the album are reminiscent of Muscle Shoals. This album, packed with fresh charm, transcends time and genres, and is likely to become a masterpiece that will be loved by many music fans.


  1. Abide (03:30)
  2. Empty Me Out (04:38)
  3. Entrance (05:03)
  4. The Source (03:56)
  5. Truly Today (04:17)
  6. Pure Religion (01:59)
  7. Everything is Yours (03:42)
  8. All Must Be Well (03:55)
  9. Enclosed By You (04:18)
  10. There's A Light (02:03)