Kaye-Ree / Endless Melody

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Artist Name: Kaye-Ree
Product Code:SSRi-039

A miraculous diva with beautiful looks, beautiful voice, and beautiful songs! German-made, ultra-high quality “acoustic soul pop” that evokes the golden ACID JAZZ scene

She has a beautiful face that everyone admires, a smooth and expressive beautiful voice that is almost like Arie's, and a beautiful song with an acoustic sound that gently and slowly penetrates your heart. A miraculous diva who has all the triple time signatures required of an artist has descended on the R&B/soul world. Her name is Kaye-Ree. He has already sold 70,000 copies in Germany and is a singer-songwriter who has suddenly become a hot topic, having been featured in a commercial for Mercedes-Benz. Her ``Endless Melody'' is the ultimate album where you can enjoy her unique ``acoustic soul pop'' that fully emphasizes her unique acoustic sound. Her smooth voice dances over a groove-filled track that evokes the golden age of Acid Jazz, recalling the impact of the arrival of SADE and Lauryn Hill. What is delivered with that singing voice is a deep lyric that sings about the essence of love and one's own beliefs. All of the 17 songs resonate at a high level with all the elements that make up the music, and once you listen to them, you won't be able to get over them easily. The guitar tone of “Reality” (#2) and “African” (#10) with its impressive triple time signature, the neo-soul hip feel of “Day ‘n’ Night” (#4) and “Money” (#11). The result is an ultra-dense piece that is overflowing with charm no matter where you listen to it, including its hoppy feel. Just like her exotic, model-like beauty that captivates you on the jacket, once you hear that sound, you won't be able to get over it easily. Kaye-Ree is about to make the leap from Germany's top singer to the world's top singer. Her melodies that captivate listeners are still ringing.


  1. Intro (01:07)
  2. Reality (04:36)
  3. Fallin' in Love (03:13)
  4. Day 'n' Night (03:12)
  5. Endless Melody (05:07)
  6. Don't worry (03:26)
  7. 4 you (04:45)
  8. Every lil' thing (04:00)
  9. Speak your mind (03:25)
  10. Africans (02:37)
  11. Money (02:48)
  12. They say (03:46)
  13. No one (03:53)
  14. Outta my mind (04:14)
  15. On my way (07:51)
  16. Japan Bonus Tracks
  17. Reality (04:44) (D-Flame's Reality Remix)
  18. Endless Melody (04:06) (Halflive Remix) [Alternative Radio Edit]