Kaye-Ree/New Air

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Artist Name: Kaye-Ree
Label:Reelement Record
Product Code:GOJIM036

Comfortable organic sound that will make you feel surrounded by nature! A melancholy “new wind” blowing into the R&B/Soul world

Kaye-Ree is a miraculously beautiful singer who is both popular and talented, having sold 70,000 copies in Germany. Following "Endless Melody", she releases her long-awaited second album "New Air"! Marco Lehmann, who was the producer of the previous album, participated in the album, and the album achieved strong sales and received very high praise at live performances in various countries. This work pursues pure organicity that is lively and full of transparency. Most of the songs are created with a beat close to the human pulse, and the band's instruments are tuned to 432 Hz, which is most compatible with the human body and the natural world, demonstrating their commitment to a completely organic sound. In addition to the comfort of blending into nature and becoming one with it, this commitment creates a close-up like "Blessed Life" (#11), which peeks out from between the melancholy sounds similar to Sting, which has a gentle acoustic sound. The fast-tempo music gives you a natural sense of elation. Be sure to check out “Natural High” (#1), where you can feel the pulse of life, and “Trust Me” (#10), an R&B ballad! Kaye-Ree has been attracting large audiences at London's legendary club Ronnie Scott's, as well as clubs in Paris and Milan, and has expanded her fan base around the world. Her 2nd album, which is attracting attention for its organic nature that she has taken to the extreme, is here.


  1. Natural High (03:31)
  2. Forward (03:04)
  3. Life (03:27)
  4. New Air (03:41)
  5. I See You (04:43)
  6. How Do You (03:31)
  7. One (03:50)
  8. Before (04:33)
  9. If Love Is Your Weapon (04:13)
  10. Trust Me (04:17)
  11. Blessed Life (04:02)
  12. Angels (03:06)
  13. One (Video)
  14. Natural High (Video) (Data Track)
  15. Kaye-Ree EPK (Video)