Julie Dexter / New Again

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Artist Name: Julie Dexter
Label: Ketch-A-Vibe Records
Product Code:KAV004

The uncompromising sound of the UK-born electric neo-soul diva's latest work will definitely satisfy SOUL/JAZZ fans!

Julie Dexter's EP ``Peace of Mind'' released in 2000 and full album ``Conscious'' released in 2002 sold a total of 40,000 copies. This album also includes "New Again" (#6), which exudes a sacred atmosphere, "Beautiful People" (#10), which has a strong message, and "Love 2", which has a mellow tone that will definitely appeal to soul lovers. Love” (#4), it is a record that allows you to enjoy the originality that has been further improved from previous works, and the spiritual and divine worldview. Even in this work, you can enjoy a sound that is neither jazz nor soul, but always one step ahead of the genre.


  1. Sunrise (05:29)
  2. Blue Skies (06:26)
  3. What Goes Around (05:06)
  4. Love 2 Love (05:59)
  5. Come On Home (03:55)
  6. New Again (06:08)
  7. This Thing Called Love (04:38)
  8. Broke Up About You (04:51)
  9. I Can Make You Dance (05:15)
  10. Beautiful People (Melanin) (05:49)
  11. Who I Am (04:47)
  12. I Can Make You Dance (08:10) (Michael 'Murani' Johnson Mix) Bonus Track