Joyce-Lou & JDMC / Blank Page

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Artist Name:Joyce-Lou & JDMC
Product Code:SSRi-0093

A fresh groove created by a charming singing voice and elaborate beats

Drummer/producer JDMC's elaborate beats and vocalist Joyce-Lou's soulful and charming voice give off a vivid presence, and they are currently attracting attention from discerning listeners around the world. Joyce-Lou & JDMC is a male-female duo. In July of this year, she was given the responsibility of staging Lalah Hathaway's after-show, and her skills have already been highly praised. Their sound, which skillfully blends R&B, neo-soul, and hip-hop, is uniquely fresh and beautiful. There seems to be a kind of mesmerizing gravitational pull that permeates the entire sound, and once you hear it, you won't be able to leave it. In the fall of 2013, they recorded a total of 10 original songs at Wedge View Studios in the Netherlands. Their long-awaited first album ``Blank Page'' is a rich condensation of their fresh sensibilities. It seems to be a truly good record that foreshadows the future of soul music. The most dazzling particles of sound produced by these two, who have just started their career, are now lighting up the music world.


  1. Don't Worry (04:07)
  2. The Letters (03:18)
  3. Blank Page (04:18)
  4. The World Can Wait (04:14)
  5. Holding Back (03:50)
  6. Blank Page (Live Off The Floor) (05:19)
  7. The Letters (Live Off The Floor) (04:38)
  8. The Sun (Live Off The Floor) (04:34)
  9. Holding Back (Live Off The Floor) (03:35)
  10. Don't Worry (JDMC Remix) (03:27)
  11. Don't Worry (Fairfax House Remix) [Japan Bonus Tracks] (05:13)
  12. Don't Worry (Fairfax Slo Remix) [Japan Bonus Tracks] (05:06)