Jeremy James / For You

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Artist Name:Jeremy James
Product Code:SSRi-0009

A genius artist who combines the deliciousness of Stevie and SEAL.

The sound is the ultimate soul born from his beliefs. "I believe that I create songs that deeply touch people's hearts. I love nothing more than being able to incorporate my own experiences into songwriting and meet people who can feel the soul in the music." He talks about his own music composition. Once you listen to it, you'll want to listen to it again. Jeremy James, a huge Japanophile, is more excited than anyone about the release of his album ``For You'' in Japan, which is filled with all the singing voices guaranteed to make you fall in love with him. Along with this album, she will bring her passionate and sincere singing voice to listeners all over the world.


    1. Wonderful Woman (4:12)
    2. U Should Know (3:25)
    3. For You (Interlude) (1:25)
    4. Imagine (5:22)
    5. Redemption Song (2:23)
    6. You Can't Be Late (3:34)
    7. Change the Man (4:12)
    8. CU feat. Malik Yoba (4:34)
    9. My Love (3:34)
    10. First Time (4:47)
    11. Well Be As It May (3:37)
Japan Bonus Tracks
  1. Libra Man (Interlude) (0:55)
  2. Picture (4:40)
  3. Wonderful Woman (Acoustic) (3:52)