Solomons Garden / Welcome to the Garden

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Artist Name:Solomons Garden
Product Code:SSRi-0134

A highly anticipated collective of up-and-coming artists from the UK. Sound that transcends genres and emotional voices are roaring around the world.

Solomons Garden is a collective from the UK that fascinates you with their sophisticated and colorful cutting-edge soul sound. Their memorable first album ``Welcome to the Garden'' has finally been released. A beautiful melody guided by expressive vocals and a sound that is both sharp and flexible, this album is filled with a variety of sounds derived from various genres such as neo-soul, R&B, jazz, and hip-hop. . Guided by their clever and fresh sensibilities, listeners will experience an exquisite sound that mixes tradition and innovation.


  1. Love Feet High
  2. The One We Called Brother
  3. ego
  4. Speak
  5. The Waters
  6. Sandunes
  7. Questions
  8. Love Feet High (Acoustic)
  9. Speak (Acoustic)
  10. Questions (Acoustic)
  11. Ego (MKFWI Remix)