Shayna Steele / I'll Be Anything

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Artist Name: Shayna Steele
Label: Highyella Lowbrown Records
Product Code:YM012

An album that was not available in Japan by the super talented singer who has collaborated with Ledisi and also sings the chorus for Rihanna has been released.

Music recorded live is like a flash-frozen pack of passion and technique born at that moment. When you press the play button, the music that is unzipped and played becomes more fresh as the quality of the moment increases, creating timeless music. Shayna Steele's painstakingly crafted album deserves just that. She has appeared in top shows such as RENT and Spray Girl on Broadway, and has also been in the chorus for Rihanna and John Legend. Of course, the quality of her own albums is on par with the productions of major artists. Her singing voice is so powerful that you can easily imagine an overwhelming live performance, her melodious songs have a sense of style, and she ends the album with a variety of jazz. He will show off his true singing ability. Good sound doesn't fade over time. And passion too.


  1. Alright (02:59)
  2. Wishing (03:40)
  3. Without A Care (05:13)
  4. 4AM Song (05:15)
  5. You Didn't (05:40)
  6. 24 Hours (04:06)
  7. Kiss That Girl (04:54)
  8. Right On Time (04:13)
  9. What Are We Giving (04:27)
  10. So Real (04:32)
  11. Different This Time (04:35)
  12. We've Already Been Here Before (03:04)