Kenya & Nemor / Just Becuz

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Artist Name:Kenya & Nemor
Label:Ole Folks Music
Product Code:KGEMOFM01011

Southern soul x Acid Jazz full of delicious mellow grooves! The sparkling chords and melody are endlessly comfortable, but this is a gem!

Kenya & Nemor are a one-of-a-kind duo that shines on each other like the moon and the sun. Lead singer Kenya Emil is like the ``sunshine'' with a sense of chord progression that sparkles as brightly as the sunlight. Jay Nemor Harden is a male singer and songwriter who is like the ``moon'' who surrounds her sensitive chords with gentle melodies and rhythms, making the songs even more impressive and atmospheric. Their performances always elicit many voices from the audience saying, ``I want to hear more,'' and the album ``Just Becuz'' was released in response to those expectations. Their music, which is said to have been influenced by music loved by many such as Marvin Gaye, Earth Wind & Fire, Sade, and Jill Scott, is full of high-quality mellow grooves that hit the "key points". A high-quality album that combines the blackness of Nemor with the Acid Jazz that appears in the chord feel, allowing you to enjoy southern soul, Acid Jazz, and even the deliciousness of 90's R&B all at once. Finally, a gem that lets you enjoy a delicious mellow groove full of great listening spots is finally here.


  1. Just Becuz (03:51)
  2. U Know How It Goes (04:30)
  3. The Coffee Song (03:54)
  4. Give It To Me (04:23)
  5. I Feel U (05:13)
  6. Wanna Let U Know (04:36)
  7. Touch Me Taste Me (03:33)
  8. Stir Me Up (04:39)
  9. U Take Me Places (03:50)
  10. This Is Real (04:46)
  11. Dilemma (03:22)
  12. U Go Yo Way (04:35)
  13. Still Recall (04:52)