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Artist Name:Kebomusic
Label: Kebomusic
Product Code:KBM0001

Listeners should check out the sweet and sexy sound of Kem, Rahsaan Patterson, and Angela Johnson that is rapidly gaining attention!

Derrick Pryce, also known as Kebomusic , is a producer and keyboardist from Ottawa who has spent the past few years in Atlanta, creating his own sound and performing as a keyboardist. He believes in ``positive, supremely soulful funky music,'' and since the release of his EP ``The Soul Prototype,'' he has worked with many people, including Steve Wallace, who produced Ledisi and De La Soul and also served as MD of Eric Roberson. Featured by top artists, attention is only increasing. What his latest work gives us is the experience of soulful beats and grooves. In “Escalators” (#1), featuring Steve Wallace, the beat created by the keyboard and bass drum creates a mysterious atmosphere. “Indescrible” (#7), sung by Kenny Wesley and pushed by Gordon Chambers, is the ultimate urban soul song with a sweet chorus and spiced up synth bass. In “Let it Go” (#9), Moonchild’s Amber Navran’s slow and soft-spoken vocals contrast with the inorganic nature of the detailed beat, giving it a somewhat cute feel. And “All For You” (#5), featuring Tracy Cruz, whom Electric Empire admires, reached number 4 on the Essence Soul of Independent Music Chart. A featured work packed with featured artists! Why not melt into its sweet, sexy and smooth sound?


  1. Escalators (feat. Steve Wallace) (04:40)
  2. Live Give Love (feat. Dawn McClain) (03:54)
  3. Mind's Eye (feat. Lenora Jaye) (04:02)
  4. I'm Still Here (feat. Kenny Wesley) (02:55)
  5. All for You (feat. Tracy Cruz) (04:53)
  6. Smile (feat. Lasonya Gunter) (03:29)
  7. Indescribable (feat. Kenny Wesley) (04:02)
  8. Dreaming (feat. Lenora Jaye) (03:58)
  9. Let It Go (feat. Amber Navran) (03:43)
  10. Cadillac Dreams (feat. Derwin Daniels) (04:03)