Dr. Dundiff / The Distance

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Artist Name: Dr. Dundiff
Product Code:SSRi-0161

The latest work from a leading producer in the hip-hop/neo-soul world A variety of expressions created with sophisticated tracks and the unique voices of vocalists.

Dr.Dundiff is a hip-hop/neo-soul producer based in Louisville, Kentucky, a city that has nurtured a diverse music culture. Since 2010, Dr.Dundiff has been involved in over 40 projects and has released numerous releases on several popular labels including Jakarta Records, Mellow Orange Music, and Grand Garden Records. ``The Distance'' is his latest album, featuring exciting tracks rooted in underground hip-hop, his specialty, and collaborations with talented artists. This album, which brings together all of my past experiences, features a pleasant jazz mood, tight beats, smooth vibes, and vocals from up-and-coming vocalists such as Claire Reneé, James Lindsey, K.Raydio, Pink Siifu, and Shania Robinson. It is full of unique and wonderful singing voices. A total of 15 songs wrapped in a comfortable mood are masterpieces that lead listeners to a new dimension of musical experience.


  1. Welcome feat. K.Raydio
  2. What You Want feat. Claire Reneé ◀︎PUSH!
  3. The Right Time
  4. Skat feat. James Lindsey
  5. Layla
  6. Zeta
  7. Riggin
  8. The Distance feat. K.Raydio
  9. Flowers For Carol
  10. Slip feat. Pink Siifu ◀︎PUSH!
  11. November 13
  12. Thorn feat. Touch AC
  13. Swan Lake
  14. What I Want feat. Shania Robinson ◀︎PUSH!
  15. Goodbye feat. K.Raydio