Yorrelle / Feels Like Love

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Artist Name: Yorrelle
Label: Yorrelle Paul & Woods Entertainment
Product Code:YOR0001

Healing R&B soul with a gentle singing voice that will wash your soul.

Yorrelle's debut album "Feels Like Love", as the album title suggests, depicts a portrait that approaches one's inner self, and depicts various "loves" such as love, family love, self-love, and perfect love for God. It clearly reflects his own image of himself facing the form of “Love”. “Mocha” featuring Lyrikal, a rapper based in the UK, “Harmony” which has a heart-tugging track that remains in your heart, and “Touch The Ground” which is gently sung, are sounds that make you feel the charm of Yoriel strongly. You could say that. To continue creating works that are rooted in reality and have their feet on the ground. Without forgetting this belief, she will continue to deliver good music to listeners.


  1. Flow(03:54)
  2. Harmony (04:00)
  3. Tell Me (02:43)
  4. Feels Like Love (04:09)
  5. Mocha (ft. Lyrikal) (03:40)
  6. Southern Ice Tea (04:01)
  7. Tonight(04:24)
  8. Fly (ft. St. Mark) (03:28)
  9. (I Can Hardly) Touch The Ground (04:58)
  10. Been So Good(03:24)
  11. If You Love Him (Say Yeah) (04:14)