Weeland & The Urban Soul Collective / The Golden Sessions

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Artist Name:Weeland & The Urban Soul Collective
Product Code:SSRi-0017

From D'Angelo to Norah Jones with this one piece! The true value of European urban soul!

Wieland & The Urban Soul Collective, led by guitarist, songwriter, and German producer Patrick Wieland, is a treasure trove of talented European musicians and singers. A masterpiece born from the session! Once you listen to this album, which is full of European urban soul, you'll realize once again that it doesn't matter where the best "soul" is born. The track that grabs your heart from the first song, which sets it apart from showbiz songs, and the charming voices of the singers who dance exquisitely, make you realize the pure wonder of music. The push songs are all songs! 5 or 6 times more fun with one piece! ? Another miraculous album from SWEET SOUL RECORDS.


  1. Life's So Simple ft. Raphael Jacob (04:08)
  2. 2 Of A Kind ft. Esther Cowens (04:07)
  3. Lil Sumthin ft. Raphael Jacob (03:36)
  4. On My Mind ft. Brandy Butler (04:43)
  5. Butterfly ft. Ralf Damrath (04:30)
  6. In The End ft. Mika Doo (04:40)
  7. Easy Come And Go ft. Brandy Butler (03:40)
  8. Prepositions ft. Mika Doo (04:02)
  9. Lullaby ft. Mika Doo (03:58)
  10. Josephine's Lament ft. Brandy Butler (02:57)
  11. Push You Back ft. Brandy Butler [Japan Bonus Track] (04:16)