Tristan / What Could Possibly Go Wrong

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Artist Name: Tristan
Product Code:SSRi-0175

Members with overwhelming talent representing the scene have gathered! Be enchanted by the soul-jazz magic performed by the Netherlands' top fusion band

Tristan is a soul-jazz fusion band representing the Netherlands. Since debuting with the album "Full Power" in 2014, they have steadily gained popularity with their high-level performances and high-quality songs and arrangements, and have gained many loyal fans here in Japan, and have been released on SWEET SOUL RECORDS. All four albums were long hits. In 2017, they held their long-awaited performance in Japan at Motion Blue YOKOHAMA, where they engulfed the venue in a frenzy with their overwhelming performance and singing voice. The band, who are actively touring around the world mainly in Europe, will soon release their sixth album, ``What Could Possibly Go Wrong.'' The lead single "Perfect Girl" is a fast-paced number full of 60s taste featuring new vocalist Jaycilee. She can be called the perfect girl for Tristan, and she shows great compatibility with the band, and her vocals, which sing lightly about the feelings of a woman in love, are reminiscent of Erykah Badu and Aretha Franklin.
“Looking Back” is a mid-tune that feels refreshing like a summer breeze. While looking back on her life so far, she looks straight ahead and sings about her dreams and passionate feelings for the future, inviting listeners to a dreamy world.
Tristan has received high praise both domestically and internationally, including being featured in SoulTracks, a major American soul media outlet, and being nominated for Best Band/Group at the British Soul Music Awards Bright Star Awards 2019. This work was created with an emphasis on the chemistry between the members, drawing on the experiences and emotions they cultivated while touring around the world, and makes you feel that they have climbed to even greater heights. Their journey out of the Netherlands and continuing to fascinate soul jazz fans all over the world will continue without end.


  1. Perfect Girl
  2. Looking Back
  3. I've been loving you too long
  4. Got to Get
  5. Purple Heart
  6. Change
  7. Don't Turn Her Down
  8. What Could Possibly Go Wrong (feat. Kasper Nova)
  9. Emperor's Treasure (feat. Kasper Nova)
  10. Hooked On You
  11. The Duke
  12. Risin' Up
  13. Rule to The Game
  14. Laura
  15. Laura (Unplugged)
  16. Don't Turn Her Down (Unplugged)