Tristan / The Spice of Five

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Artist Name: Tristan
Product Code:SSRi-0162

The latest work by the Netherlands' top professional group where you can fully enjoy the charm of acid jazz.

Tristan is an acid jazz band with the highest level of technique and energy in the Netherlands. A professional group made up of five musicians active in the European pop/jazz scene, they reached number one on the UK soul charts with their debut album, ``Full Power.'' Their 3rd album ``Lifestyle'' was picked up by various media outlets including the BBC, and received awards from Blues & Soul Magazine and others. As a result, the group's activity area expanded further, and they also embarked on a large-scale tour that included Japan, France, Poland, England, Germany, Romania, and more. Their latest work, ``The Spice of Five,'' is a masterpiece that even he proudly calls ``a masterpiece.'' This is a work where you can fully enjoy the skilled technique and love of music that Incognito chief Bluey says, ``It has to be the best soul/jazz in the Netherlands.'' In addition to their tight and dynamic sound, they continue to aim for even higher heights, armed with high-quality songs and arrangements.


  1. Hands Up ◀︎PUSH!
  2. I Left My Jacket in the Van ◀︎PUSH!
  3. 1985 ◀︎PUSH!
  4. Amplify
  5. Where Do We Go from Here
  6. First You Believe
  7. Bring It On ◀︎PUSH!
  8. Neon Girls
  9. Don't Skip This
  10. Night Train
  11. Down Town
  12. Travel
  13. Hands Up (In Studio Live) [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  14. First You Believe (In Studio Live) [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  15. Jacket (In Studio Live) [Japan Bonus Tracks]