Tristan / Full Power

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Artist Name: Tristan
Product Code:SSRi-0091

The Dutch version of Incognito captivates with their sophisticated grooves and joyous performance!

Tristan is a band that brings together talented players who are indispensable in today's European pop/jazz world. Regarding their memorable debut album, ``Full Power,'' Steve Lukather, a member of TOTO, a band representing 70's AOR, said, ``It's the best album to evoke the wonderful 70's in 2014.'' He has received rave reviews. The sounds created by Tristan seem to transport listeners to various nostalgic landscapes. Tristan's powerful grooves, high-quality songwriting, and arrangements include not only acid jazz bands such as Incognito and The Brand New Heavies, but also the well-known funk band Tower of Power, which has gained momentum in recent years. There is also a strong influence from jazz funk, such as the popular group Snarky Puppy. ``Full Power'' can be said to be the best debut album by talented musicians with surprising freshness. We hope you will enjoy the lively, live-like sound produced by talented musicians to your heart's content.


  1. Keep On(05:53)
  2. Moontune I (06:35)
  3. Ego. (07:21)
  4. Step Intro (02:15)
  5. Skip This (04:51)
  6. One In A Billion (02:07)
  7. Missunderstood (09:03)
  8. Full Power (03:47)
  9. Butterfly (03:35)
  10. Odd To Win (11:39)
  11. Riverflow
  12. New Beginning
  13. Keep On (D-Reflection Radio Mix) [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  14. Riverflow (GMC-Remix) [Japan Bonus Tracks]