Tim Dillinger / The Muse

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Artist Name: Tim Dillinger
Label: Icon's Pen Media LLC
Product Code: IPMCD02

Her soulful and majestic singing voice is reminiscent of Stevie Wonder! A masterpiece in which Frank McComb also participates!

Tim Dillinger is a talented artist with a soulful singing voice reminiscent of Stevie Wonder. He has been active in the gospel and hip-hop world for 10 years, and has provided backing vocals for artists such as Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Patti LaBelle, Michael Jackson, and Madonna, as well as artists such as Tata Vega, Reba Rambo, and Daryl Coley. Along with others, he solidified his position as a backing vocalist. After that, he established his own label and made his solo debut in 2004, and ``The Muse'' was produced two years later in 2006. Guests included Frank McComb, the modern-day Donny Hathaway, Daryl Coley, and Akua Taylor, which shows the high expectations people have for his solo work. This album, which has 17 songs in total, is an ambitious work that brings out everything Tim has gained in his career so far. There aren't many singers in the world who can skillfully mix Soul, Gospel, and Hip-Hop into a work like this. I can't help but feel his outstanding ability and sense in accomplishing this effortlessly. The melodious ballads “Tell Me That I Can” and “Seasons” (ft. Daryl Coley) will bring you to tears, as well as a jazzy feel reminiscent of Bobby Caldwell's hit “What You Won't Do For Love.” Check out ``(I'm Not) Colorblind,'' and ``That's the Kind of Love.'' Coupled with the poetic, introspective, and lyrical lyrics, the other songs are also excellent, making this a masterpiece. They topped the top chart on London's Jazz FM for two weeks in a row, and are being talked about as a promising artist on various soul music sites. There is no doubt that many people will fall in love with his voice. I will continue to keep an eye on his success.


  1. The Road I Chose (02:02)
  2. That's the Kind of Love (05:00)
  3. I Wish (ft. D-Lo) (04:27)
  4. You're Gone (04:18)
  5. The Universal Source (00:37)
  6. Never Let Them Change You (ft. Kinetic & Black Folk Inc.) (03:57)
  7. (I'm Not) Colorblind (02:46)
  8. Tell Me That I Can (04:55)
  9. I Looked For You This Morning (ft. Akua Taylor) (01:29)
  10. That's The Kind of Love Reprise (ft. Frank McComb) (02:11)
  11. It's In The Air (03:06)
  12. That's What I Feel (04:03)
  13. You Are My Joy (04:38)
  14. I Will Stay (04:38)
  15. Ode To The Muse (ft. Brenda Porter & Angela Bennett) (02:39)
  16. Seasons (Interlude) (ft. Daryl Coley) (01:08)
  17. Seasons of Change (ft. Daryl Coley) (05:34)