The Philharmonic / The Philharmonic

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Artist Name:The Philharmonic
Product Code:SSRi-0164

A profound debut work from a versatile artist that covers everything from classical music to 10's hip-hop.

The Philharmonic is a multi-artist who demonstrates his passion and talent for music in all fields, from singing and rapping to playing the keyboard, producing, and engineering. This is his debut work, which draws on influences from classical masters such as Bach, modern pop legends such as Stevie Wonder, and cutting-edge artists of the 10's such as Chance the Rapper, and is a transformation that gives you a sense of his diverse musical background. A piece of freedom. You'll feel a deep love for music through his catchy songs that shine with a sparkling sense of variety, including muddy disco funk, orthodox R&B, and hip-hop with gospel elements. On the other hand, the message conveyed is a serious and strong message that sheds light on the problems faced by the world as a whole and individuals through various approaches. I would like you to listen to the confident work of The Philharmonik, a talented artist who continues to raise issues of equality and freedom on the platform of music made with overwhelming love.


  1. Underdog
  2. Colors
  3. Interlude
  4. Dopeman ◀︎PUSH!
  5. Neon lights
  6. Pay Me ◀︎PUSH!
  7. Mama's House feat. Hobo Johnson ◀︎PUSH!
  8. Good Day
  9. Energy
  10. Immediate Gratification ◀︎PUSH!
  11. Self Love
  12. Let Freedom Ring ◀︎PUSH!
  13. 20 Rounds (Ode to Stephon Clark) [Japan Bonus Track]