Teisha Marie / The Girl from Nowhere

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Artist Name:Teisha Marie
Product Code:SSRi-0064

Singing ability and overwhelming track makeup sense co-starring with Angela Johnson! Luxury edition completed after 3 years

Teisha Marie is a singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who was born in England and currently lives and works in Washington, DC. Originally, she continued to write and compose songs for the purpose of providing music while working as a teacher, but she never really achieved anything, so she took up the microphone herself and released her first album ``Addicted to Life'' in 2008. This was featured on major music sites Soulbounce and SoulTrain, and was praised for being ``a departure from trite mainstream themes.'' As his singing ability and track-making talent became well known, he performed at famous clubs such as New York's Sugar Bar run by Ashford & Simpson and Washington DC's Bohemian Caverns, as well as participating in numerous festivals. She has steadily built up her career, sharing the stage with Angela Johnson and being featured by numerous artists, and it took three years from 2010 to complete her second album, ``The Girl from Nowhere.'' Holding a passport to his ever-evolving music, he continues to touch the hearts of audiences with his passionate vocals and sense of mission, backed by raw, emotional, and appealing lyrics.


  1. The Girl from Nowhere - Intro (02:00)
  2. Show and Tell (ft. Antagonist Dragonspit) (04:38)
  3. At This Time (ft. Sn?hgie) (03:46)
  4. By Yaself (03:49)
  5. Enough (ft. Deborah Bond and Ama Live!) (05:03)
  6. Purpose (06:09)
  7. Strive (ft. Kenny Wesley) (05:58)
  8. Desire (The Hidden Places) (05:15)
  9. Fast Forward (Saturday) (04:58)
  10. Don't Explain (03:36)
  11. Match My Words (03:43)
  12. THE ONE (03:03)
  13. Acknowledgment (04:18)
  14. Black Hole (04:26)
  15. WYOR (Walk Your Own Road) (ft. Melyon)