Tahirah Memory / Pride

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Artist Name: Tahirah Memory
Product Code:SSRi-0118

Bitter sweet soul led by a variety of singing voices and outstanding taste! A debut album that received a lot of attention as it was fully produced by Jarrod Lawson.

Tahirah Memory is a singer-songwriter from Portland. She sings soulful and lively melodies freely, and behind her high skill level lies an excellent sensibility that was honed by being surrounded by music from an early age under her father, a jazz trumpeter. . Tahirah's singing voice, which contains a deep love for old soul and respect for contemporary R&B, is definitely what many soul fans have been waiting for. Their first album, ``Pride,'' which has been decided to be released in Japan, was produced by co-producer Jarrod Lawson, a singer-songwriter who shocked the scene last year as an amazing new talent. Tahirah has been active as Lawson's backing vocalist to date, and this album, created by two people who trust each other, is a fusion of her overflowing talent and Lawson's unique soul sound. It is a good work.


  1. Pride
  2. Pride (Reprise)
  3. Alright
  4. Nice Guy
  5. You Should Make Me Cry
  6. Pride (Interlude)
  7. Time
  8. All The Time (feat. Jarrod Lawson)
  9. Beautiful Disaster
  10. Again
  11. Puddin'
  12. I can't change
  13. Pride (Outro)
  14. Morning Walk [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  15. Pride (Acoustic) [Japan Bonus Tracks]