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The third edition of SWEET SOUL RECORDS' very popular compilation best is a record full of catchy exhilaration and deep satisfaction!

The third installment of SWEET SOUL RECORDS' best compilation series "WORLD SOUL COLLECTIVE" is now available! With the theme of "Cosmopolitan Soul," the first album contains smooth, comfortable, and sophisticated songs.With the keyword "Utopia," the album is full of exhilaration, but also has an album structure that evokes the beginning to end of the day. The second edition with particular attention to detail. The latest work in this popular series, which has sold over 7,000 copies in total for the past two titles, has a selection of 18 songs that are catchy and refreshing, easy for beginners to listen to, and filled with a deep sense of satisfaction that even core listeners will appreciate. The recorded songs include "Spend My Life", which was a single cut from Nao Yoshioka's "The Light" released in November 2013 and was also tied up in a Peach John commercial, as well as "Spend My Life", which was released in May of this year at BLUE NOTE TOKYO. There are many good songs that you should not miss from beginning to end, such as Brian Owens' classic number ``Open'', which made his tour to Japan a success, and Quentin Moore's ``I Could Fall In Love'' featuring Tess Henley. This is a theme that is part of this series, and it is a record filled with high-quality music that is easy to listen to for beginners and will nod even core listeners. Introducing a must-check album that will make any moment even better, whether it's for a drive, a party, a date, or a chill time!


  1. Raindrops / Gabriel Tajeu
  2. This Is Life / Mike Hicks
  3. Livin' It Up/ Jesse Gannon
  4. Stone Child / Catie Waters
  5. Spend My Life / Nao Yoshioka
  6. Open (Lovely Day) / Brian Owens
  7. Hold On Tight / iET
  8. New Day / Mary Davis Jr.
  9. The Wonder That You Are / Loretta
  10. Come Here / Raquel Rodriguez
  11. Acknowledgment / Teisha Marie
  12. Caught Up / Debra Debs
  13. All Right / Carolyn Malachi
  14. Funny Feeling / Lisa Taylor
  15. Opposite Things / Marie Dahlstrom
  16. So Real / Shayna Steele
  17. I Could Fall In Love feat. Tess Henley / Quentin Moore
  18. Can I Come Home / L. Young