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The second best compilation of SWEET SOUL is here for the first time in a year! A super refreshing GROOVE that all music fans can listen to over and over again from morning till night!

SWEET SOUL RECORDS has released the second edition of “WORLD SOUL COLLECTIVE”, the best compilation that unifies the world of Seoul into the land of the rising sun, for the first time in a year! The previous work was featured in many media such as BOUNCE and BMR, and even now, one year later, it has become a huge hit and continues to sell over 100 copies every month. This second edition brings together 18 of the best neo-soul songs from around the world, including Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Russia, America, and Australia! Full of authentic, real music where you can hear the singer's breathing and visualize the musicians playing, and super exhilarating GROOVE that is extremely easy to listen to. Deep soul fans will be satisfied, and for soul beginners, the superb sound is perfect as an introductory album, inviting listeners to utopia! The first half of the album, tracks 1 to 6, are filled with positive and sweet grooves that are perfect for driving in anticipation of summer, and after Natasha's "Higher", the world changes to a slightly cooler and deeper one. Then, from the 11th song towards the end, the mellowness accelerates. Before you know it, you'll feel as if you're slowly swaying your body, developing a world view that is irresistible to music lovers, and it's a delicious piece that you can listen to over and over again from morning until night. The jacket was once again designed by DRAGON76, and the songs are a compilation of labels chosen by SWEET SOUL RECORDS, which has close connections with rare neo-soul artists from around the world! This is SWEET SOUL MAGIC!


  1. We Got Love - Rayn
  2. Different This Time - Shayna Steele
  3. Take It Back - Dani Elliott
  4. Happiness Isn't Waiting (Счастье не ждет) - Ms.Sounday
  5. Perfect - Mary Davis Jr.
  6. Just Stop Runnin' - Shirma Rouse
  7. Spinning Top ft. LA Mitchell - Sola Rosa
  8. Higher - Natasha
  9. Keep Movin' On - Brian Owens
  10. Break It Down - Sacha Vee
  11. Stay feat. Zach 89 - ORLY
  12. Be Free - Moonchild
  13. Love Revolution - Bashiri Asad
  14. L'amour (ft. Esperanzah) - Ntjam Rosie
  15. Lazy Sunday - Dre Kay
  16. Just Wanna - Oaklyn
  17. Don't You Worry - Kaye-Ree
  18. True Love Is (ft. Yannick Harrison) - Marie Dahlstr?m