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Artist Name: Nao Yoshioka (#1), Lyn (#2), Mizuki Kamata (#3), Azumi Takahashi (#4), KAORU (#5), Yuho Yoshioka (#6)
Product Code: SLURB

R&B masterpieces representing the 90s are back! An URBAN world that illuminates the future of JPSoul/R&B

The 1990s could be called the heyday of R&B, when huge artists such as D'Angelo, Mary J Blige, and Janet Jackson produced masterpieces one after another. Shintaro Nishizaki, Urban NEXT, a charismatic figure in the Japanese R&B world, has selected some of the most popular songs from the Golden Age with his outstanding taste. The artists are Azumi Takahashi, who is familiar with SWEET SOUL, had a hit with Relight My Fire, and was also the backing vocalist for DREAMS COME TRUE. In addition, talented young singers who are responsible for the Japanese music scene, such as Nao Yoshioka, who participated in the series for the first time and won runner-up at the Apollo Theater Amateur Night, will sing with rich individuality. In addition, this is an ambitious work in which Daichi Miura's touring band includes talented musicians who are at the top of the Japanese R&B scene, including Gakushi, who served as the arranger and producer, and the backing band. Their sound, which has already received praise from Kenichi Takemoto, DJ WATARAI, and others from all over the industry, gives us a sense of the future of the JPSOUL/R&B scene. This is a charming and urban world that is as strong as those days when Japanese society and the music industry were still thriving, and is sure to become a piece of hope that illuminates Japan's future!


  1. Real Love (04:21)
  2. Brown Sugar (04:10)
  3. Ex-Factor (04:33)
  4. Doesn't Really Matter (03:30)
  5. No Scrubs (06:27)
  6. My, My, My (04:43)