Song / Let Love Shine

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Artist Name:Song
Product Code:SSRi-0015

Up-and-coming singers including Marcus Miller, a sophisticated adult smooth jazz/hip hop guru

A fearless and sensual singing voice dances with the finest smooth jazzy sound. A collection of works by a new diva following in the footsteps of greats Dionne Warwick, Chaka Khan and Phylliss Hyman. ``Let Love Shine'' also features Guru, Marcus Miller, and Manu Katche, and is an exquisite mix of adult jazzy taste and sophisticated hip-hop elements, with a beautiful melody and catchy horn phrase. An album with 13 excellent songs that will leave a deep impression on you. The sad melodies of "I Loved You," which frankly sings about the troubles of a broken heart, and "Walk With Me," which is somewhat reminiscent of Bobby Caldwell's "What You Won't Do For Love," touch the listener's heart. Delivering a rich piece that only true adults can enjoy!


  1. Food For Thought (ft. Guru) (05:45)
  2. Walk With Me (03:40)
  3. Let Love Shine (ft. Marcus Miller & Manu Katche) (06:53)
  4. High Beat Stone Delire (03:56)
  5. I Loved You (ft. Manu Katche) (04:52)
  6. Stop Spreading Hate (05:38)
  7. If You Wanna Know (I Know) (ft. Manu Katche) (04:59)
  8. Illuminati (01:52)
  9. You Gone Hurt Yourself (ft. EZ Trigga) (04:26)
  10. Mystical Bandit (ft. Acquenin) (03:50)
  11. If You Wanna Know (I Know) (Remix) (ft. Manu Katche) (05:03)
  12. The Truth [Japan Bonus Track] (04:10)
  13. Let's Go With It [Japan Bonus Track] (03:46)