Solomons Garden / How Did We Get Here?

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Artist Name:Solomons Garden
Product Code:SSRi-0153

The long-awaited 2nd album by the collective that is taking the British soul world by storm.

Solomons Garden is a collective from the UK that has taken the British soul world by storm since its formation in 2015. The four members, MKFWI, Chanel Hemmings, Erica Terres, and Dan “The Whizz” Todd, who are all songwriters and players, continue to release high-quality songs at an astonishing rate. In addition to winning the BBC Record of the Week award twice, they also headlined the BBC's Introducing Stage at Lattitude Festival, receiving high praise for both their production and live performances. Solomons Garden's long-awaited second album ``How Did We Get Here?'' is full of organic grooves and the essence of beat music, condensing the emotional and sophisticated world of R&B. This is a piece that shines brightly as a rising star of British soul.


  2. Good Things
  3. Let You In
  4. Icarus
  5. PastPresentFuture
  6. A.Bomb (Interlude)
  7. The Manhattan Project
  8. Can't Take My Smile
  9. Butterflies
  10. Love Letter
  11. Wolf/Sunset
  12. Eye of the Hurricane
  13. Smile Again [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  14. Shade of Gray [Japan Bonus Tracks]