Solburst / Natural High

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Artist Name: Solburst
Product Code:SBM0001

A spiritually exhilarating feeling similar to the sunrise will stimulate your five senses! Get an instant natural high with Latin urban soul!

A beautiful duo from Mexico, behind Japan! Their name, Solburst, is already receiving rave reviews from British radio stations and DJs. The songs produced by vocalist/guitarist Alexandra Blakely and producer Vera Solari are light and airy with elements of guero-soul, which means white soul in Spanish, and hip-hop. It features a mixed sound that is neither too heavy nor too light. The deep groove created by Solari's deep bass and Blakely's smoky vocals and sincere lyrics will leave you with an exhilarating feeling similar to a sunrise. The fifth track, “Heat,” is also a song you’ll definitely want to hear with the loud sounds of a club.


  1. Better (Love Can Do It) (04:07)
  2. Fall (04:28)
  3. Interlude (00:45)
  4. It Just Takes One (03:56)
  5. Heat (03:51)
  6. Say (03:54)
  7. Calling (Instrumental) (03:53)
  8. Children of the World (03:58)
  9. Natural High (04:05)
  10. Expected (04:28)
  11. Home (Femi) (01:11)
  12. Pray (04:15)