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Artist Name: Soia
Product Code:SSRi-0124

A rising star from Austria who charms you with his multinational musicality! Fascinating electro soul with elegance and melancholy

Soia is a promising new singer from Vienna, Austria, which has long been known as the capital of music. Born in Taiwan, she has traveled throughout America, the African continent, and Asia. Currently, she has teamed up with up-and-coming producer Mez and is based in Vienna, releasing a wide variety of innovative songs into the world. Soia, who is also active as a lyricist, expresses in words a worldview that is both charming and somewhat mysterious, like a pure dream, but at times hides a chilling danger. do. While his musical roots are in jazz, which has its roots in Billie Holiday, as a vocalist he follows a wide range of styles from electronic fusion to hip-hop. Her latest work, ``HIOP,'' is a masterpiece with a danceable beat that echoes throughout, with a unique oriental mood flickering throughout.


  1. Hidden In Obvious Places
  2. A Porcupine's Agenda
  3. Habibi
  4. 1000 layers
  5. Roaming Deer
  6. Ignite Despite
  7. Tropical Jinx
  8. See Me Hollow
  9. Intangible Tiger
  10. Hello Again
  11. I Am, You Are [Japan Bonus Track]
  12. Fractal Spirits [Japan Bonus Track]