Shirma Rouse / Sings Aretha

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Artist Name: Nai Br.XX
Label: Shirma Rouse
Product Code:STR130319802

A masterpiece following the cover collection “Chocolate Coated Dreams” dedicated to the beloved Aretha Franklin has already been born!

Dutch songstress Shirma Rouse. As the title ``Sings Aretha'' suggests, this album is a cover of famous songs by Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, whom she has admired since childhood, and without losing the power of the original songs, it is a song unique to 2012. It is chock-full of contemporary arrangements and songs interpreted in her own way, allowing you to experience her gentle and warm worldview. The album includes 13 songs including the soul classics "Think", "Respect", "Natural Woman", "I Never Loved A Man", "Until You Come Back To Me", and the last song "Bridge Over Troubled Water". I couldn't help but burst into tears. This is a piece that will satisfy not only Aretha Franklin and old soul fans, but also the R&B generation from the 90's onwards. Furthermore, for listeners who don't know about soul, this album will be engraved in their hearts as an introduction to soul.


  1. Amazing Grace (04:18)
  2. Think (04:07)
  3. Won't Be Long (04:36)
  4. Until You Come Back To Me (03:17)
  5. Sweet Lover (02:59)
  6. Satisfaction (03:38)
  7. Respect (02:59)
  8. Dr. Feelgood (04:25)
  9. Chain Of Fools (02:44)
  10. Love Is The Only Thing (02:42)
  11. I Never Loved A Man (03:35)
  12. Natural Woman (05:09)
  13. Bridge Over Troubled Water (05:16)