Secret Rendezvous / Paint The Town Red

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Artist Name:Secret Rendezvous
Label: Sonic Galore Records
Product Code:SGR01

A one&only duo following Adele and Nikka Costa appears

Secret Rendezvous is a duo from Amsterdam consisting of singer Sietske “Musiex” Morsch and producer/guitarist Remi “Sausbei” Lauw. Influenced by artists from a wide range of genres, from Funkadelic to Kraftwerk, Curtis Mayfield, Led Zeppelin, Prince, and Flying Lotus, the duo creates a wide range of music beyond imagination. SSR brings you a piece that promises an encounter you've never experienced before.


  1. You Either Get It Or You Don't (01:32)
  2. Just One More Thing (04:32) li>
  3. Paint The Town Red (03:12)
  4. If You're Hesitating (05:42)
  5. Jealousy (05:13)
  6. Cruise For a Minute (02:40)
  7. Cyberlove (01:29)
  8. For The Sky (04:42)
  9. Secret Rendezvous (04:03)
  10. Always Get So Clumsy (04:08)
  11. Wacko (05:50)
  12. Trouble (02:33)
  13. Keep It Moving (04:25)
  14. What Do We Know (05:11)