Rime / Our Kingdom

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Artist Name:Rime
Label:Infracom! Records
Product Code:IC1552

It even surpasses Glasper! ? Innovative Electric Soul is addictive!

Rime is a rising duo consisting of producer Antti Hynnien and vocalist Sara Sayed. Antti has an impressive career, including being nominated for the EMMA Award (Finland's Grammy Award) for Best Jazz Album in 2009 with the band Auteur Jazz. Sara is a unique singer who has experienced various genres with a clear voice reminiscent of Erykah Badu and collaborated with the afro jazz band MopMop. Their strength is their innovative "electric soul" sound, which is developed over a rough beat and becomes addictive once you hear it. The original, near-future-like world feel that is developed by combining electric sounds with live sounds such as beats and stringed instruments as a base is reminiscent of Robert Glasper. In particular, "Walking", which combines the majestic classical sounds of stringed instruments with modern synthesizers, and "Our Kingdom," the title track, which shows a glimpse of passion within beauty, are sounds that symbolize their music. "Sucker" was also used in the soundtrack of the American drama Criminal Minds (Season 7), and the music they create is rapidly gaining recognition around the world. Be careful not to get addicted to it the more you listen to it! Pay attention to them as they create "Electric Souls" that will invade the world!


  1. Intro/The Beginning Of All (00:29)
  2. Smoke And Regret (04:56)
  3. Our Kingdom (04:44)
  4. Revolution (03:46)
  5. Thirsty (04:32)
  6. Loose Ends (04:36)
  7. Sucker (04:09)
  8. Creeps (02:54)
  9. Walking (04:10
  10. Demon Above (03:50)
  11. Break You (03:37)
  12. Time Is My Enemy (04:19)
  13. Outro/Phooonky Phases (02:32)