Rayn / A Creation From The Soul

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Artist Name: Rayn
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Off the Wall drummers Jon Robinson and Marcus Miller will also be participating! The masterpiece of an authentic Dutch singer

Rayn is an authentic Dutch singer who is influenced by Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Donny Hathaway, and Marvin Gaye. The credits for his work ``A Creation From The Soul'' include the names of top-notch artists such as Marcus Miller and John Robinson. Speaking of John Robinson, he is the drummer for Michael Jackson's Off the Wall and is a legendary musician who is said to have participated in the most recordings in the world. “We got love” by Donny Hathaway makes you feel LOVE LOVE LOVE. The thick bass, tight drums, and an exhilarating groove that will make old school fans smile, and neo-soul fans will enjoy it, enveloping the entire album.


  1. Intro (01:06) li>
  2. Destiny (03:35) li>
  3. Come home with me (03:56) li>
  4. I need you (05:04) li>
  5. A creation from the soul (02:56) li>
  6. Is this feeling for real (04:44) li>
  7. We got love (04:03) li>
  8. I've tried (03:06) li>
  9. Reply to you (04:08) li>
  10. You gonna love me (03:35) (w/Marcus Miller) li>
  11. Warmth and love (03:53) li>