Rachel Foxx / Flame

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Artist Name: Rachel Foxx
Product Code:SSRi-0155

A masterpiece that re-introduces the sounds of the golden age of R&B to the current scene.

Rachel Foxx is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from East London. She is a talented woman who is active not only in music but also in the fields of fashion and art, and has been featured in famous web magazines such as GQ Magazine and Hunger Magazine as a promising young star with a wide range of talents. After releasing the album ``The Trilogy'' in 2017, the group gained even more attention after appearing in the YouTube video content ``A COLORS SHOW'' where Tom Misch and GoldLink also performed. Her latest work, ``Flame,'' is reminiscent of the golden age of R&B from the 1990s to the early 2000s, but it is by no means nostalgic, and can be said to be a re-proposal of R&B based on the context of the current music scene. This is a masterpiece that will make Rachel Foxx's name known, with 7 dense main songs, including ``Don't Be Shy,'' which is reminiscent of Kendlick Lamar and SZA's ``All The Stars,'' and 4 bonus tracks.


  1. Daydream (Freestyle)
  2. Wrong
  3. Wish
  4. Happen to Me
  5. Chance on You
  6. Don't Be Shy
  7. Mistress
  8. Is It Me? [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  9. This Could Be Us [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  10. Focused (Interlude) [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  11. Pink and Green [Japan Bonus Tracks]