Quentin Moore / You Forgot Your Heart

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Artist Name: Quentin Moore
Product Code:SSRi-0072

The finest live recording by the 21st century Curtis Mayfield, loved by the music gods, is a masterpiece in which Tess Henley also participated!

Quentin Moore has been described as the Curtis Mayfield of the 21st century. Born in Austin, Texas, he is a singer who can play everything from deep second alto to passionate tenor, and is also an extremely multi-instrumentalist who can play a variety of instruments such as piano, guitar, and drums, and is also talented as a songwriter and producer. He is truly an artist loved by the music gods. The sound of their previous album ``Vintage Love'', which was described as ``the finest raw vintage soul'', became a hot topic here in Japan as well. His new album, ``You Forgot Your Heart,'' maintains his solid style while skillfully handling a variety of genres compared to his previous work, showing an even bigger musicality. The sound is described as combining the soul-stirring sludge of Donny Hathaway and the coolness reminiscent of RH Factor, and while paying homage to the greats of the past, it is always looking to the future. The sexuality and deep groove capture the listener's attention. The masterpiece of a future soul star who is blessed with multi-talented talent and takes his music seriously will finally be released in Japan.


  1. I Wish I Was Crazy
  2. That's My Girl
  3. My way
  4. Paper
  5. You Forgot Your Heart
  6. YOLO
  7. I Miss My Baby
  8. Lola Jean
  9. Black Sugar
  10. Witch
  11. I Wanna Be In Love - Feat. Arkansas Bo
  12. Natural Sista
  13. I Could Fall In Love - Feat. Tess Henley
  14. Love's Worth
  15. It's Funny
  16. So In Love