Paris Toon / MFC Collective Vol.1

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Artist Name: Paris Toon
Product Code:SSRi-0047

Super high-quality soul produced by an experienced producer and a talented New York band! The latest work featuring the most popular beautiful bassist in the industry, Nik West!

Paris Toon is a Billboard Award-winning lyricist and talented producer. He started out as a hip-hop producer, honed his skills by being involved in various projects such as remix work, and began providing tracks that he had accumulated one after another. After the release of the previous work "Baptism by Fire" , "MFC Collective Vol.1" was completed as the culmination of that work. His tracks are influenced by old and new genre-bending faces such as Rakim, Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, Prince and John Lennon, as well as D'Angelo, Jill Scott, Adele and Ledisi. The sound created by Favorite Child's complete performance has a depth that makes you want to sink into the world of high-quality sound. “No Choice” (#1) features beautiful bassist and singer Nik West. Known as the second Ndegeocello, he brings out his vivid bass playing and smooth, sexy singing voice to the fullest with his blues, which features an impressive slow beat and swaying string instruments. “Shoulda Been” (#7) featuring Morris Alan is a cool song that utilizes the ominousness of the 7/8 time signature, and the Japan-only bonus track “Brown Sugar” (#14) has hip-hop elements. While emphasizing the song, it has been made even cooler than the original song, making it a song that gives you a sense of Paris's well-honed sense. This top-quality album, in which each song best matches each artist, will make Paris Toon's name known to the world!


  1. No Choice ft. Nik West (03:20)
  2. Until Now ft. Tanya T?-?t & Morris Alan (05:23)
  3. Every Time ft. Regiment Horns & Morris Alan (03:08)
  4. The Promise ft. Tanya T?-?t (03:37)
  5. Numb ft. Morris Alan (05:24)
  6. She ft. iAm Jones (03:46)
  7. Shoulda Been ft. Morris Alan (04:20)
  8. Gently ft. Tanya T?-?t (03:43)
  9. You Ain't Ridin' W/Me ft. Morris Alan (05:39)
  10. Naturally Me ft. Meelah The Artist (02:58)
  11. Sweet Tooth (Ted B. Remix) (03:17)
  12. Pimp Strut ft. Ted Belledin (03:57)
  13. Ordinary Man - Cree Turner ft. Paris Toon & Mothers Favorite Child [Japan Bonus] (03:37)
  14. Brown Sugar ft. Ronda Wilson & iAm Jones [Japan Bonus] (03:55)