ORLY / Distraction

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Artist Name: Orly
Product Code:SSRi-0023

Organic sound like Adriana Evans. You can't talk about NU SOUL JAZZ without listening to this album. Super high quality album.

Orly is an artist originally from Australia and currently based in New York. This work is a super luxurious specification of 15 songs, including the album released in 2012 and her first EP released in 2009. The excellence of the EP is honestly overwhelming. Even though there are no throwaway songs on the EP, “Be With You” is particularly memorable. Starting with an impressive intro that starts with a huge electric guitar, the lyrics that openly express their heartfelt feelings invite your imagination, and you can't help but close your eyes and sway your body. With her sophisticated soul manners that come from a jazz background, her passion for music that is unique to a singer-songwriter, and her lyrics that purely express the way of life, she is sure to captivate her fans.


  1. Recover (04:02)
  2. I'm Ready (04:32)
  3. Get Together with the One You Love (03:33)
  4. It's Alright (04:16)
  5. Beautiful Disguise (03:34)
  6. Now's the Time (03:47)
  7. Temporary (04:45)
  8. Stay feat. Zach89 (04:31)
  9. This Time (03:52)
  10. Why [Japan Bonus Tracks] (04:19)
  11. Till You're Gone [Japan Bonus Tracks] (04:00)
  12. Be With You [Japan Bonus Tracks] (03:56)
  13. The Way [Japan Bonus Tracks] (04:27)
  14. Sit Back [Japan Bonus Tracks] (05:09)
  15. Love [Japan Bonus Tracks] (04:16)