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Artist Name: Onita Boone
Label:Universal Music
Product Code:LC29196

Winner of the German version of American Idol in 2012! Captivated by her 5-octave singing voice and versatile expressiveness

Slightly different from the powerful singers who shake the hall with their deep voices, this singer has an attractive flowing voice that mesmerizes the audience with her rich expressiveness and ability to freely manipulate a vocal range that reaches up to 5 octaves. Onita Boone. Her track record is very impressive, and she has appeared in many Broadway shows, including Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Holliday, Stephanie Mills, Teddy Pendergrass, The Clark Sisters, Take Six, and many other famous singers. He has co-starred with. Having been active on the American stage, she moved to Germany and made further progress. After winning the German version of American Idol with “The Winner is…” (2012), she signed a contract with Universal Music and started a new career. And his ability is not limited to singing; he has shown a wide range of talents, including providing songs for various artists, movies, and creating theme songs for major companies such as BMW and DaimlerChrysler. Her album is an exquisite mix of various genres, giving us a glimpse of her diverse charm. “Sugarfree” is soul music with a nostalgic tune reminiscent of the heyday of soul in the 1960s, as if it were being played on the radio. On the other hand, "I Feel Love" is a magnificent song with a modern sound pressure that stimulates the ears. In her new home in Germany, she is in the spotlight for her musicality and singing voice that covers a variety of genres, both nostalgic and new. Pay attention to Onita Boone, who is rebuilding the soul music boom!


  1. I Know (04:10)
  2. I'll Carry You (03:34)
  3. Who's Crying Now (03:52)
  4. This Is A Man's World (04:22)
  5. Sugarfree (03:31)
  6. Get Here (04:37)
  7. I Feel Love (04:39)
  8. Ain't Nobody (04:32)
  9. Joined (04:23)
  10. I Don't Wanna (04:46)
  11. Let The Funk Come Out (04:11)
  12. 25 To Life (04:39)
  13. Pay (04:07)