Oaklyn / Chasing the Sun

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Artist Name:Oaklyn
Label: Oaklyn
Product Code:SSRi-0031

Scandinavian adult lounge, Laidback Seoul's hottest spot! An exquisite combination of simple yet memorable songs and sexy singing voices.

Oaklyn is a Finnish soul duo consisting of lead vocalist Linda Ilves and producer and composer Sami Tammela. Once you hear the warm sound of their debut album, Chasing the Sun, you'll instantly fall in love with their music. The simple and impressive songs created by Tammela completely eliminate unnecessary sounds, and the suggestive smoky, sweet and sexy singing voice of Ilves is brought out even more. further highlight the worldview of “Chasing the Sun,” a neo-soul with a Jill Scott-like texture, is addictive with its upbeat track and laid-back groove. “Wai>ng” is a classic love song about waiting for that special someone, with a groovy bassline and light synth chords giving the song a diamond-in-the-rough shine. I was also amazed by Tammela's wide range of music sense, which allowed her to create a track that perfectly matched Ekow's rap, which is featured in this song. This work is their debut, and they are still unknown. Still, his sense of style and singing voice give me a strong sense of his potential to become big in the future. Although it became a hot topic among core neo-soul fans, mainly on web media, their sound source, which was only available in Japan through digital distribution, has finally been released. Keep an eye on them as they continue to grow to become the leaders of Nordic Urban Soul.


  1. Get On (03:12)
  2. Agree to Disagree (04:04)
  3. Chasing the Sun (02:51)
  4. Waitin' (feat. Ekow) (03:46)
  5. Interlude (00:53)
  6. We Could Last (03:26)
  7. We Nuts (feat. Ekow)
  8. Hold On (03:18)
  9. Beautiful Place (03:03)
  10. Just Wanna (04:16)