Ntjam Rosie / At the Back of Beyond

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Artist Name:Ntjam Rosie
Label: Gentle Daze Records
Product Code:CTC2990687

A completely new and evolved world of "yin and yang" presented by the one and only jazz soul diva!

Diva Ntjam Rosie is popular for her unique style that exudes a unique spirituality. Her previous album ``Elle'' attracted worldwide attention, led to a world tour, and was even nominated for the Edison Awards, one of the world's oldest music awards. He continues to regularly perform on TV shows and has won the Personal Style Award from the fashion magazine ELLE, making him a rising star in the jazz-soul scene. Her new work ``At the Back of Beyond'' is based on the theme of ``yin and yang'' and is not satisfied with the success of her previous work, but boldly expands her repertoire and explores new possibilities. “Let Go” (#1) is a song full of energy that starts with her stylish intro, and then gradually reveals a rockish guitar riff. “Secret Waters” (#5) begins with a deep cello sound and wraps you in a slow groove, while “Keep the Faith” (#8) has a beautiful but ephemeral piano melody and a fast-paced beat that contrasts well. This is a great song that gives you a sense of grandeur. The world view that gives you the feeling of melting into her music as you listen to it is proof of her evolution. Experience Ntjam's new world with the long-awaited new work for the first time in three years!


  1. Let Go (03:03)
  2. Thinkin' About You (03:16)
  3. Je Me Confie (03:22)
  4. Love Is Calling (04:02)
  5. Secret Waters (04:19)
  6. In the Middle (03:25)
  7. Made (03:04)
  8. Keep the Faith (04:03)
  9. Nsissim Zambe (03:17)
  10. Live & Learn (05:32)
  11. At the Back of Beyond (04:04)