Nao Yoshioka / The Truth (Regular Edition)

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Artist Name:Nao Yoshioka
Product Code:YCCW-10285

3rd released in the US! Evolutionary soul music created with writers who supported The Roots and Erykah Badu

Since her debut in 2013, Nao Yoshioka has continued her activities around the world, including making her US debut and performing in London. In 2016, they performed at a large festival with 20,000 people held in the American capital. They received a standing ovation from the assembled audience, and are steadily gaining acclaim from around the world. The theme of her latest work ``The Truth'' is ``The Truth'' = ``The Best Art (Real Music)'' that she discovered through experiencing the music scene with her five senses and interacting with many fans and musicians while touring around the world. "is about connecting people across boundaries." The title track, "The Truth," was produced by Khari Mateen, who has written songs for Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, and others, and is nominated for a Grammy Award. Furthermore, ``I Love When'' was co-written with Musicman Thailand, who has provided songs to Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, and others. While hinting at the roots of soul, jazz, R&B, and funk, they embody soul music that has evolved by incorporating the sensibilities of producers active around the world. The long-awaited new work is now born, capturing the new feeling of traveling around the world guided by music, connecting through sound, the power of music felt locally, and the borderless feeling that removes all barriers.


  1. Journey (intro)
  2. Borderless
  3. Freedom and Sound
  4. The truth
  5. Beautiful Imperfections
  6. I Love When
  7. Set Me Free
  8. Spark
  9. Jouney II (outro)