Nao Yoshioka / Rising

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Artist Name:Nao Yoshioka
Product Code:YCCW-10259

A major debut album by an authentic artist who overturns Japanese music standards.

Nao Yoshioka is a singer who has the potential to expand the possibilities of the Japanese music industry to the world and become a superstar that Japan can boast to the world. From 2009, I lived alone in New York for two and a half years. He won runner-up at the Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater in Seoul, becoming the first Japanese to reach the Top Dog position, and was selected as a finalist out of 40,000 people at America's largest gospel festival, transcending national and racial barriers. He has shown his ability to the world. Her major debut album is ``Rising''. Grammy Award-winning author Gordon Chambers, who is known for writing songs for Whitney Houston and Beyoncé, Dutch superstar Shirma Rouse, and up-and-coming American soul man Brian Owens are participating in the production. Furthermore, her singing voice was strongly backed up by some of the best players in the industry, including Aretha Franklin's current band members and Prince's exclusive trumpeter. The resulting album is a revolutionary work worthy of Nao Yoshioka's major debut. Here we redefine a new standard for Japanese music.


  1. Love is the Answer
  2. Just Go
  3. LIVE
  4. Joy
  5. I'm No Angel
  6. Rock Steady
  7. Turning
  8. Never Had Love Like This
  9. Nobody
  10. Awake
  11. Dreams
  12. I Need You
  13. Forget about It