Nao Yoshioka Original Notebook

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Nao Yoshioka is active in the United States and released her 4th album “Undeniable” in 2019. An original notebook is now available as a merchandise for the release tour she carried out for this work!

Nao Yoshioka himself uses notebooks to collect his thoughts and is a notebook enthusiast who has used up dozens of notebooks. The notebooks packed with her passion are produced using Yoyogi Uehara's "High Nine Notes," which allows you to create each notebook with original specifications.

Although it is a ring notebook that can be cut out, the ring is removed from the middle so that it does not get in the way when writing, and the paper is a combination of plain paper and graph paper that can be used freely.It also has a practical bag that can be used to scrap small memos. Also an outstanding dish. Also included are postcard-sized tips on how Nao Yoshioka usually uses her notebook to think and write.

Don't miss this opportunity to get your hands on this limited edition original notebook!

Check out the notebook creation process by Nao Yoshioka here →