Marisa Lindsay / Deeper Love

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Artist Name: Marisa Lindsay
Label:Thunder Dome Sounds
Product Code:ACD0014

Introducing an organic sound featuring deep bass and a gentle rose from Barbados.

Marisa Lindsay is a new diva who is attracting a lot of attention, delivering the finest jazzy neo-soul based on jazz and gospel with Caribbean and Brazilian elements. Influenced by Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, and Billie Holiday, Marisa's soulful performances take listeners on a colorful musical journey with heartfelt emotion. Their second album, ``Deeper Love,'' released in 2009, centered on R&B and neo-soul, and established a comfortable sound with an acoustic and exquisite Latin taste. It's a very popular album with a lot of great songs that you shouldn't miss a single song.


  1. Deeper Love (03:32)
  2. I Think I Want To Be In Love (04:49)
  3. Free A State Of Mind (Bubble Song) (03:38)
  4. Missing You (04:01)
  5. Trippin' Without Your Love (04:11)
  6. Upswing (03:40)
  7. Sweetest With You (04:12)
  8. Marisa's Blues (05:35)
  9. I Want You To Want Me (03:55)
  10. Dreams (04:08)
  11. Misunderstood (04:31)
  12. Joy (04:15)