Marcell Russell / The Serenade & The Sermon

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Artist Name:Marcell Russell
Label:Oakhill Music
Product Code:OAKHILLMUSIC0085

A must-listen masterpiece for lovers of Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke, by an unparalleled genius who is extremely popular for his deep, silky singing voice!

Marcell Russell is a Baltimore native who is active in a wide range of fields as a writer, producer, singer, and performer. Over the past eight years, he has written over 700 songs, over 20 of which have been nominated for various music awards, several of which have won awards. Not only have they made headlines at arenas and community live venues in major American cities, but they are especially popular in Europe, with many sold-out stages. Surprisingly, he has even appeared on the cover of magazines with Alicia Keys and Snoop Dogg, and is as popular as any major artist. The biggest factor behind their popularity is their singing voice. Due to his deep singing voice, which has been compared to those of former soul stars Luther Vandross, Donny Hathaway, and Gerald Levert, he has earned the nickname "Voice of Baltimore" outside of Baltimore, and "The Voice" locally. Marcell's new work ``The Serenade & The Sermon'' further refines the style that shined in his two previous works, and although it is a two-disc blockbuster, you can't tell from any fragment of his work. A piece that gives you a glimpse of his talent. The two-disc blockbuster masterpiece by Marcel, an unparalleled genius who boasts a singing voice that rivals that of past soul stars and overwhelming versatility, has finally landed in Japan.


The Serenade
    1. It's Good (03:57)
    2. Exactly What I Need (04:48)
    3. Blow Me Away (03:52)
    4. Grow Old with Me (03:55)
    5. Your Bring Me Joy (04:38)
    6. Speak To Your Body (04:01)
    7. Teach Me (04:08)
    8. Communicate (04:44)
    9. Safe (04:39)
    10. Unconditional Love (03:31)
    11. Wonderful Distraction (04:31)
    12. You Complete Me (03:45)
    13. It's You (03:34)
The Sermon
  1. Interlude: Apology… I'm Done (03:06)
  2. Slave Again (04:12)
  3. Motives (04:40)
  4. Love vs Like (04:15)
  5. Abuse My Mind (04:39)
  6. Simply Live (03:25)
  7. Interlude: “Hey Girl” (01:07)
  8. I Want His Babies (04:26)
  9. Stay for Awhile (03:09)
  10. Interlude: The Call (03:13)
  11. All I Have Is You (05:26)
  12. Now That It's Over (04:40)
  13. Baggage (03:28)